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Amazing Facial Serum.  This product did absolute wonders for my acne. It is the only thing that’s worked after struggling with my skin for all of my teenage years and into early adulthood. I highly recommend!

Sam Mandas



I was searching for local handmade organic beauty products and tried Le'fusion. I love the facial serum, I use it every day and night. It smells amazing and lasts all day. I shared it with all my friends. Can't wait to try other products.

Highly recommend.



I absolutely love your facial serum. I have not found anything to compare after returning to Florida.

Janice Lee



I just wanted to reach out and tell you how much I love the bar of soap I got from you! I know it's just a bar of soap but I use it every day  and I never realized how much I could appreciate a good bar of soap! It was the oatmeal & honey one.  All the products and ingredients are obviously crafted with intention and care and each item is so simple and beautiful!